Fiona Bailey was born in Nairobi, Kenya.  

She received her BA Hons. in Photography from Westminster University in 1988.  During an exchange visit to Israel in 1986, Fiona documented the lives of a Palestinian family, focusing on the role of the women in the community, which went on to form the work for her final year.

As co-founder of the Shifting Perspectives exhibition, Fiona's work 'I Don't Care' has been exhibited at numerous venues in the UK and around the world. Most recently in Tokyo, Japan.

This piece of work was also the inspiration for the award winning short film by Carolina Giametta, with the same title 'I Don't Care'. 

Fiona has worked as an Art Buyer in the advertising industry for the last fifteen years working with many talented and inspirational photographers. She is currently working on a variety of different projects, including the ones that you see here.

Fiona Bailey

t: 07751829944